What is Picture SMS??

The picture format that is used when creating pictures for text messages. This is the format used when you use the phone's picture editor to draw your own pictures for inclusion in text messages. All of the phone's pictures and screen savers use this format.

Speciality of Picture SMS
• Send upt 80 kb Picture message as sms text in a non-intrusive (discreet, without ringing the phone) way.

• Answer sms text message with Picture.

• Convey user emotions/expression (“SMS with Feelings “) through sms.

• No language barrier. User can send voice message in the language of their preference.

• Any handset with sms support can use this feature.

• Awareness of using high end phones is low in these markets. Technology penetration to rural areas is slow.

• sms text messaging is way too high in developing countries. Part of it could be because off Sms rates, that are typically very low compared to developed countries.


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